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November Merch is Here!

Image of the November merch items. On the left are two shirts that say “‘Til Death Do Us Blart 2021” with a graphic of a man on a segway, running, and fighting a rooster. One shirt is white with a red graphic and the other is blue with a yellow graphic. In the center is a stoneware mug with an oval emblem that says Candlenights on the front. To the right is an enamel pin of a wizard holding a book that says “Wizard of the Cloud.” Below that is an acrylic ornament of the brothers sledding.

The Candlenights Creep is in full swing and we’ve got all kinds of new merch for y’all! First up, we’ve got a new Pin of the Month, featuring The Wizard of the Cloud, designed by Dana Wagner. All proceeds from this month’s pin will be going to Native Women Lead, an organization that aims to “Revolutionize systems and inspire innovation by investing in Native Women in business.”

We’ve also got (for the first time ever!) a ‘Til Death Do Us Blart shirt, designed by Tyler Reed! All proceeds from this shirt will be donated to the First Nations Development Institute, which “Improves economic conditions for Native Americans through direct financial grants, technical assistance & training, and advocacy & policy.”

There’s also this year’s Candlenights ornament, designed by Cait May! Proceeds from this year’s ornament will benefit Harmony House, “An organization seeking to end homelessness in the Huntington area through permanent housing and supportive service programs.” Last but not least, we also have a stoneware Candlenights mug available!