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Announcing TAZ 3tenanny Live & Virtual Nov 5th!

Join us for a virtual The Adventure Zone live show on November 5th! We’ll be returning to the world of Hootenanny, playing Lasers and Feelings (created by John Harper)! The show starts at 9PM ET, and tickets are available at the link below for $10. VOD will be available for 2 weeks after the show.

There’s also an event-exclusive poster for this show, which you can see below, designed by Dana Wagner! It will be available for purchase as an add-on on the ticket page, or once the show starts you can purchase it beneath the video on the live stream.

The text at the top reads “The Adventure Zone live and virtual!” In the center of the poster is an orange dog wearing a black vest, pink sunglasses, and a pink collar that says “2021” on a dog bone tag. It’s tongue is hanging out. It has a large sword on its back with pins of the McElroy family on its vest. The background is light blue with sharks, crabs, swords, dice, umbrellas, and BoB logos. Overlapping the designs are teal clouds with stars in them.