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Still Buffering: “evermore” - Taylor Swift (2020)

An illustration of Teylor Smirl, Rileigh Smirl, and Sydnee Mcelroy lying on their backs inside a circle. Teylor is reading a book. Rileigh is looking at her phone. Sydnee is listening to a walkman. Between them it says Still... Buffering 2.0.

This is truly the greatest gift Rileigh could have received in 2020: the chance to force her siblings to listen to not one, but two whole Taylor Swift albums and then talk about them with her. Also, Sydnee and Teylor were completely unaware of all the theories and canon surrounding Taylor and her music, so we HAD to get all up in that too.

Music: “Baby You Change Your Mind” by Nouvellas

Listen Now:

Transcript available here