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January Merch is Here!

Image of the two January McElroy merch items. At the top is an enamel pin of the brothers as a red cerberus with a green chain at the top and a banner beneath that says, “Got three bones?” Below is a decal in tones of blue and purple that says, “Knights Templar II: Wacky Wizards.”

We’ve got two new wonderful items for you in the merch shop this month — First up is the Knights Templar II Wacky Wizards car decal, designed by Tyler Reed! There’s also a new Pin of the Month, featuring everyone’s favorite spooky resident of Dave’s Dehumidifier Depot! The cerberus pin was designed by Zachary Sterling, and all proceeds from the pin will go to NARAL, which “fights for access to abortion care, birth control, paid parental leave, and protections from pregnancy discrimination.”