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September Merch Available Now!

Right: Pins of the McElroys as bees. The brothers have a cartoonish appearance. Clint has mandibles, compound eyes. Left: 3 keychains with illustrations on them. One has a moonbase with an umbrella, hat, wood arm, bible, axe, and a fish. The 2nd is an archway with a rabbit, necklace, a narf gun, scarf, hat, and sword. The 3rd is an emblem surrounded by limes, a pendant, berries, mushrooms, a crab, and a crepe

We’ve got two new sets of items in the merch store this month! The first is a series of acrylic keychains designed by Cait May, each featuring illustrated items from one of the three main arcs of The Adventure Zone. We also have a series of pins featuring us as bees, designed by Dave Pemberton! All items are available individually, or you can buy them as sets for a discount!