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Twenty-Funny Tour Update: July 8, 2020

If you have purchased tickets for any of the Twenty Funny: Fill Your Life With Laughter & Love Tour shows that were originally scheduled for April of 2020, we have an update for you, and we want to make sure you understand all of the options available to you in regards to your tickets and potential refunds.

First things first: All tickets for the original performance will be honored for the rescheduled shows, but we do not have new show dates for you yet. If you purchased tickets to one of these shows, you may have already received an email from either the venue or the event’s promoter informing you that the shows have officially been labelled as “Date: TBD”. That email should also inform you that you will have 30 days from today to request a refund for your tickets if you so wish. This is accurate information.

What is not included in that email is the information that we fully intend to reschedule these shows once it is safe to do so. Once we reschedule these shows, you will have another 30 days to choose whether you want to request a refund for your tickets, starting from the day we announce the new dates.

We realize this is a confusing process, and we apologize that it has taken so long for us to have more concrete information for you. We promise to keep you updated as we learn more, and that we will do our best to give you as many options as possible as we proceed. Thanks for bearing with us.