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Wonderful! 125: A Thighful of Chico

A colorful illustration of all the things Griffin and Rachel find wonderful. Most prominent is a grand piano, a kiddie pool, and a dog chasing a frisbee. At the bottom is an illustration of Griffin with Rachel to his right. To the right of Rachel is a baby just peeking into frame. In the center of the picture is an oval with “Wonderful! An enthusiast podcast” written in blue and orange.

(Note: This was going to be our kick-off episode for the MaxFunDrive, which has been postponed. We’ve cut most of the drive-talk out of the episode — hence the shorter-than-usual runtime and occasional pauses. Hang in there, y’all.)

Rachel’s favorite burger science! Griffin’s favorite fruit! Rachel’s favorite strange reflex! Griffin’s favorite funk band!

Music: “Money Won’t Pay” by bo en and Augustus -

Listen Now:

Transcript available here