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MBMBaM 502: American Psycho 2: The Squeakquel

Travis, Griffin, and Justin Mcelroy standing against a blue background.

(Note: This was going to be our kick-off episode for the MaxFunDrive, which has been postponed. We’ve cut most of the drive-talk out of the episode — hence the shorter-than-usual runtime and occasional pauses. Hang in there, y’all.)

Join us as we open up the My Brother, My Brother and Me book to a brand new chapter; one celebrating lifestyle brand innovations and, well, cool orbs.

Suggested talking points: Gotta Touch These Orbs, Justin Clears His Conscience, The Last Beheading Day, Ancient Grains Ready to Rip, Please Don’t Tell Pigeons About Farms, Snack’n Bac’n

Listen Now:

Transcript available here