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The Adventure Zone: Graduation Ep. 31: High on the HOG

An illustration of the Graduation crest made of four quadrants: a castle tower wrapped in ivy, a scroll with a quill, a shield and sword, and a raised fist wearing a gold ring. The crest has an ornate frame with a bust of Hieronymous Wiggenstaff at the top. There are two banners at the top, “heroibus” and “nebulones”. Below is a banner that says “ceterisque”. In the center is says “The Adventure Zone Graduation”. The illustration is on a dark to light purple background.

It’s time for the boys to get down to the business of planning a heist. Job interviews, eating scones, and getting haircuts. Pretty standard stuff, really.

Hey, did you know there was a Firbolg here?

Listen Now:

Transcript available here