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Announcing MBMBaM: Live and Virtual Nov 21st!

In lieu of traditional live shows, we are happy to announce that we’ll be doing a virtual live MBMBaM on November 21st! Tickets are available now at the link below for $10. The show will start at 9PM ET, and will feature MBMBaM, with Sawbones opening! The platform we’re using also offers a “Watch Together” feature that allows you to watch with up to 5 friends on the event page. All participants must have a ticket to use the Watch Together feature. The show will be available as VOD for ticket holders on the event page for 48 hours after the event ends.

We’re not gonna lie, this is gonna be a bit of an experiment for us, but it’ll be a fun one, and hopefully we’ll be able to set up a few more in the future.