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Tiny Heist Announcement

By now, you’ve probably heard about the incredibly miserable situation at CollegeHumor. If not, here’s a link. The short version is that a bunch of very cool people lost their jobs and it’s heartbreaking for them and the hundreds of thousands of people who love what they do. We’ve been working with CollegeHumor since 2017 when the staggeringly talented Drawfee team made the questionable decision of helping us breathe life into “HELL-O Baby” and “Cramu: A Gullet Grabbers Game.”

The timing of this catastrophe is especially weird for us, since today marks the launch of “Tiny Heist,” a mini-series we filmed in May with CollegeHumor’s Dimension 20 team. We were blown away by our fellow performers and a team of cinematographers, editors, make-up artists and so many others that bent over backwards to make us feel welcome. The fact that the vast majority of those kind, talented people are out of work today kind of defies comprehension.

The product of their love and labor goes live today, and frankly we don’t know what to say about it. You know too well by now that the launch of something we really care about is always paired by a lot of excitement and self-promotion from the McElroy camp. But at a moment when a bunch of real people have been thrown into real crisis, that kind of shilling seems more than a little crass.

So here’s the deal. Tiny Heist is out today, it’s a story of small people pulling off a big heist. You won’t believe how fucking funny and talented our DM, Brennan Lee Mulligan, and fellow players Lily Du and Jess Ross are. It looks and sounds so incredible that you can’t help but feel the passion of the artists and technicians creating it. It’s on the Dropout service, so by watching you’ll be supporting the skeleton crew of people left behind at CollegeHumor who are still trying to make cool stuff in the face of overwhelming odds.

We are excruciatingly aware of the fact that this is about as downtempo as “Please watch our thing!” posts get, but in the light of what’s happened to a lot of good friends, it’s about the best we can muster. We hope you’ll watch Tiny Heist, but more so hope that the fantastic people behind it land on their feet.

-Justin McElroy