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New MBMBaM & TAZ Merch Available Now!

Pins (including a new Pin of the Month), stickers, a new shirt, and a Great Job hat!

We’ve got some stunning new merch for y’all this month - starting off with the Shadow Brethren Pin! Muffy and Winthrop aren’t good people, exactly, but they do have a certain allure, and even Duck knows they’re definitely people you’d want on your side in a fight. Show them your allegiance with the September Pin of the Month - this pin will only be available through the end of September, so if you want one, don’t wait!

If you prefer the less murder-cultish side of Kepler, we’ve also got an enamel pin of the one and only Bigfoot, rockin’ a killer pair of jorts. There’s also a stunning new t-shirt featuring a map of Kepler illustrated by Calum Gillies.

Last but not least we’ve got our new MBMBaM merch! There’s an adorable new sticker set designed by Sarah Cosico, and a Clownbox sticker from Ackenpucky Design. There’s also a Great Job dad hat - perfect for keeping the sun off your face and letting those around you know you think they’re doing swell!