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Trends Like These: July 19th

GUEST HOST-O-RAMA! Trump’s Racist Tweetstorm, Grimes’s Bonkers Daily Regimen, The Next 007 is a Black Woman?, Mike Pence Visits Border Camp, Epstein Update, Area 51, Should We All Use They/Them Pronouns?, The Secret of Bearded Nodding GIF Guy

Trends Like These

Guests: Kate Sloan - @Girly_Juice

Mustin - @Mustin

Dave Bulmer - @DemonTomatoDave

*T I M E C O D E S*

INTRO [With Kate Sloan] 0:29

It’s Kate!

Roommates and Their Loud Sex

Bevs Like These

SEGMENT 1 [With Mustin] 5:54

It’s Mustin!

Trump’s Racist Anti-Squad Tweets

New 007 Will Be a Black Woman?

SEGMENT 2 [With Kate Sloan] 40:17

Should We All Use They/Them Pronouns?

SEGMENT 3 [With Dave Bulmer] 51:56

It’s Dave!

Viral Area 51 Movement

The ‘CATS’ Movie

Bearded Nodding Man GIF

SEGMENT 4 - 1:24:20

Update on Epstein + Acosta

SEGMENT 5 [With Kate Sloan] 1:26:44

Grimes’s Bonkers ‘Daily Regimen’

Mike Pence Visits Concentration Camp

OUTRO 1:50:20

Sneak Peek of New “Question Box” Podcast

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