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New Merch: Monster Factory, Pin of the Month, and More!

We’ve got so much choice new merch for y’all this month!

It’s here! At long last we have Monster Factory merch for y’all! There’s a logo tee, and a Pam poster - just the thing for that shrine you’ve been thinking about setting up in the weird hall closet no one uses. There are also new pins! One is Pam. On a pin. We don’t need to tell you why this one is next-level, just LOOK at her. Another pin is in memory of Roachie, the greatest Sonsband the wasteland has ever known - a perfect dancer, taken from us too soon (we’re looking at you, Todd). Last but not least we’ve got a No Middle Sliders pin because sometimes we all need a reminder to go big or go home.

We’ve also got our new Pin of the Month, perfect for those of you who are inquisitive, polite, and have a first-class ability to see through other people’s bullshit. This pin will only be on sale through the month of July and once the month is up, a new McElroy themed design will take its place. Please note that with both the Pin of the Month and the No Middle Sliders pins, the rainbow coating on metal varies, so each pin will be unique.

Last but not least, there are some classic tour posters newly available in the merch store! Six designs, including stops from San Francisco, Phoenix, Austin, Denver, Birmingham, New Orleans, Seattle, Portland, St. Louis, Detroit, Columbus, and last year’s Candlenights show are now available for purchase online - be sure to check ‘em out!