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New Merch for MBMBaM and TAZ!

It’s a new month, and we’ve got fresh merch for y’all! First off there’s a new Pin of the Month, reminding you and those around you to not do a hit, even when your brother tries to scare you with fake spiders. This pin will only be available through the end of this month, so if you want one, move fast!

We’ve also got this incredible Haunted Doll Watch shirt, because sometimes you gotta make it very clear that you are on high alert for any of those creepy things that might be lurking nearby, just radiating kid energy at everyone who passes.

Next up are our new TAZ Bureau of Balance Character mugs! These mugs come in three styles, each one featuring the signature of either Merle, Magnus, or Taako on the bottom. What, you think Reclaimers don’t need their beanjuice, too?

Check it all out in the gallery below, and click through to order!