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MaxFunDrive 2019 Bonus Goals

We did it! You all helped us reach our drive goals yet again - thank you so much!

Thank you all so much to everyone who joined or upgraded during MaxFunDrive 2019! A We would love to hit this year’s drive goal of 25,000 new & upgrading members, so we’re adding our own bonus goals for y’all into the mix! As we hit these milestones, we’ll add new rewards to the list - so keep an eye out, spread the word, and become a MaxFun member today!

  • 12,500 new & upgrading members: We’ll finally release our infamous attempt at a “May the 4th” themed live episode from Detroit - fondly known as The Detroit Disaster - to the Donor Bonus feed!
  • 15,000 new & upgrading members: We’ll put out the second episode of The Adventure Zone: Elementary to the Donor Bonus feed! Like 4 Sherlock Holmes and a Vampire? This is FIVE Sherlock Holmes and a Vampire! With special guest Patrick Rothfuss, recorded live this year on the JoCo Cruise!
  • 18,000 new & upgrading members: We create the next hit RPG or die trying. At 3PM eastern on Friday, March 29th, the McElroy Brothers and Dad will livestream their attempt to brainstorm the next great RPG on YouTube. Will they succeed? Will they fail? Will the whole thing turn out to be entertaining but dumb? Only one way to find out, DONATE NOW!
  • 22,000 new & upgrading members: A McElroy Home Video Supercut will be added to the Donor Bonus feed!
  • 25,000 new & upgrading members: WE WILL SEND A HORSE TO HORSE COLLEGE.

UPDATE 3/26: Last night we reached over 12,500 new & upgrading members - The MBMBaM Detroit Star Wars Spectacular should be in all donor bonus feeds now. At 11PM we reached 15,000! The Adventure Zone Elementary Episode 2 will be in donor bonus feeds soon!

UPDATE 3/28: We’ve officially hit 18,000! Our RPG brainstorm livestream will happen tomorrow, March 29th at 3PM eastern on our YouTube channel. Set your reminders now, and let’s keep the momentum going!

UPDATE 3/29: It’s the last day of the drive! At noon we reached our 22,000 goal - the McElroy Family Home Video Supercut will be in donor bonus feeds soon! We’ve also revealed our bonus goal for 25,000 new & upgrading members - WE WILL SEND A HORSE TO HORSE COLLEGE!

UPDATE 3/30: We did it! Thank you all so, so much for helping us reach the drive goal - yet again, you have utterly blown us away with your enthusiasm and support. Since we met our 25,000 bonus goal, we’ll be sponsoring a horse at West Virginia Horse Network, where it will be cared for as it learns all the vital horse skills it needs to thrive in the world.