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MaxFunDrive 2019 Has Begun!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Hi friends,

Today is the first day of MaxFunDrive 2019! If you’re new to our shows, many of them are a part of the Maximum Fun podcast network, which is listener-supported. The MaxFunDrive is our annual fundraising event/celebration of our family of listeners/fundraising event (oh man we listed that one twice, that’s really embarrassing, it must be super important).

First, a brief note: We are only able to do what we do because of the support you’ve given us over the years and even if none of you leapt to our aid this year we would still consider ourselves among the luckiest people to walk the earth. We love you dearly and appreciate every one of you, even if you never give us a dime.


If you’ve been enjoying the stuff we make this year and you’re tired of literally stealing it from the shelves of the internet, MaxFunDrive is hands-down the best time to sign on as a member or upgrade your membership! You’ve only got until March 29 to get involved, so let’s not waste any more time!

Membership tiers start at $5 per month, which will give you access to hours upon hours of bonus content. If you sign up at $10 a month, you’ll get all that delicious bonus content and your choice of one of this year’s crop of enamel pins (you can see all of ours below)! Signing up at $20 will get you all of those things, plus a beautiful 550 piece Maximum Fun puzzle. And if you join at $35 a month, you’ll get all of that and a sweet glass coffee mug engraved with the MaxFun rocket logo!

There are even more levels to start at, ranging from $50 up to $200 per month, if you’re an eccentric millionaire that gets off on filling the planet with more boner jokes. If you’re an existing member and you want to up the ante, and get some awesome gifts in the process -- now is the time to upgrade, which gets you all the same perks a new donor would get.

To sign up or upgrade, just go to You’ll see a grid of membership levels for you to choose from, you’ll provide your credit card along with some other basic information, and voila! You’re a member! Don’t forget to select the shows you listen to when you’re asked for your listener habits. Those questions influence how member funds get distributed among all the MaxFun shows. Your contribution will process automatically each month and renews automatically each year.

You all make what we do possible, in the most literal and practical sense. Your support has allowed us to make entertaining you our full time job, and it’s the best gig we’ve ever had. MaxFunDrive is our chance to stand humbly before you and ask if we can keep our job for another year. We hope you’ll agree.