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December Merch is Here!

It’s a new month and we’ve got a bunch of new merch for y’all! First up this the new Pin of the Month, featuring everyone’s favorite space country band, Hootie and the Nannies! As always, this one is only available through the month of December, so if you want one, don’t wait!

We’ve also got a Worldwide Webster Pin, designed by Sam Schultz! You may have heard that we’re sending a horse to college. A portion of the proceeds for this pin will contribute to Worldwide Webster’s tuition [care, training, Horse 101]. On the TAZ Graduation front, we’ve got a Gary Pin available as well! Please note this Gary will not be able to answer any questions or help you sort out your class schedule.

Outside the realm of pins, we’ve got Ned’s Pine Guard Scarf, featuring the patch designed by Sawyer Hildebrandt, along with our first ever Empty Bowl merch - a super cute shirt illustrated by Em Looper. There’s even a special edition limited reprint of our Midwest Tour poster from 2017, featuring art from Steven Sugar! We also still have our Candlenights Ornaments available, including this year’s Charity Ornament! All proceeds from sales of the Charity Ornament will go to Harmony House, whose mission is to provide basic resources and housing to people experiencing homelessness in the Huntington, West Virginia area.

We’ve also got a restock on our Fannypacks and Backpacks - AND alternate versions of both items made, so you can order whichever version your heart so desires! Last but not least, our Become the Monster shirt is currently on its last printing and is on sale, so if you wanna snag one, act fast!