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New Merch for Monster Factory, TAZ, MBMBaM & Sawbones!

What’s made of soft enamel, rainbow metal, a butterfly clasp backer, and only costs $10? It’s October’s Pin of the Month! This Riddle me Piss pin will only be available through the end of the month, so if you want one, don’t wait!

We’ve also got a new pin featuring the one and only tree-beef-loving Tammy Radbody, and the Sawbones Pro Vax pin, designed by Megan Kott! All of the proceeds from the Sawbones Pro Vax pin will go to the Immunization Action Coalition.

On the clothing front, we’ve got a new Cure-Alls Cure Nothing tee shirt for Sawbones, and a cozy Munch Squad sweatshirt, perfect for those chilly Candlenights-creep evenings.

Update: We also now have this mind-blowingly great Saturday Night Dead poster designed by Greta Strand.