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Still Buffering: How to College Prep

An illustration of Teylor Smirl, Rileigh Smirl, and Sydnee Mcelroy. Sydnee is wearing a doctor’s coat and holding a giant Tardigrade. Encircling them is the name of the show, Still Buffering, with ovals between the letters. Beneath them its says “I am a teenager... and I was too.”

We’re sorry for another late upload, it is apparently the time of year where everyone is sick with everything all of the time, including our sisters. But, Rileigh has some exciting news to share and we want to talk about it! So come join us this week as we discuss what body parts you could technically remove and sicknesses that result in dislocation of your eyes....Wait, what?

Music: “Baby You Change Your Mind” by Nouvellas

Listen Now: