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Welcome to The McElroy Family Website

We got a new website!

Hello, my name is Justin and I’m the oldest McElroy brother, so you can probably lay a lot of the blame for what I’m about to admit at my feet. My family and I have been creating podcasts, videos, graphic novels, games and books for about a decade. It’s all been going incredibly well, save for one unfathomable oversight:

We forgot to put it on the internet.

OK, sure, you could access our work through all manner of back alleys of the web or shady side streets, but never had we opened a virtual storefront to say “Here. Here is content. From a family.”

Now, thanks to our old pals at Vox Media and the incredible, face-melting power of the Chorus platform, that’s all been rectified. We’re not pulling up stakes with our beloved Maximum Fun podcasting family, far from it. We’re just finally making a website where with just one bookmark you can access everything we make all in one place. (We’ll be making some new stuff here too.)

So, welcome to the official home of The McElroy Family. We may not have made the first website, but at least we made the last one. We assume, at least. We’re pretty sure this will be the last website.


Justin McElroy