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Tis’ the season for giving with the MBMBaM Angels

Let’s fix everything!

Hello friends.

A few years ago, I was perusing a list called Empty Stockings, published by my hometown newspaper here in Huntington, WV, The Herald-Dispatch. It was a heartbreaking collection of holiday needs in the region, which, as you may or may not know, is severely economically depressed.

There were plenty of families hoping to put something, anything under the tree for their kids but also adults whose needs ranged from clothes they could wear to a job interview or a new tent to help keep out the winter weather.

I put out a plea to our incredible listeners and they didn’t just answer the call, they destroyed it. That doesn’t make sense, but you get the idea. They filled all the metaphorical empty stockings and just kept helping.

Every year, the “MBMBaM Angels” have risen to fill those needs and this year is no different. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already supported us in a million little and not so little ways, and I’m extremely grateful. If I could impose on you just a little bit more, I would ask that you head to the MBMBaM Angels website and either claim a need that you can meet or make a general donation.

On behalf of a region that doesn’t catch a lot of breaks, that doesn’t have a lot of champions like the MBMBaM Angels: From the bottom of my heart, thank you.