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The Adventure Zone: Amnesty - Episode 17

Duck has made a new friend, and Aubrey has given them the ability to communicate, but it’s slow going to say the least.

An illustration of Ned, Duck, and Aubrey backlit by the Sylvain portal. To their right is Amnesty Lodge with all the windows lit up. Behind the lodge and to their left is the Monongahela National Forest with Bigfoot hiding behind a tree. From the bottom of the image, monstrous hands are reaching out towards the three heroes. In the center it says “The Adventure Zone Amnesty” in a red to orange gradient. The illustration sits on a dark to light blue gradient.

The Pine Guard welcomes and interrogates their new companion, and has another brush with the intangible, unlucky forces that seem to be conspiring against them. Duck teaches talking. Aubrey throws a drink. Ned threatens a book.

For this arc we are using the Monster of the Week game system by Evil Hat.

Transcript available here