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Shmanners: Baths and Showers

An illustration of Travis and Teresa Mcelroy with a mint green baroque wallpaper background and an ornate gold frame. Travis is wearing a brown suit and bowing to Teresa. Teresa is wearing a red dress with three red flowers in her hair and curtsying to Travis. Travis has a speech bubble above him that says “Shmanners” and Teresa has a speech bubble below her that says “Extraordinary etiquette for ordinary occasions”.

Hello Internet! Let’s scrub up, rinse off and get right down to it! This week is all about SHOWERS AND BATHS! Is it ok to use your hosts shampoo? As a guest, how long is too long for a bath or shower? When did people start showering? How often do we really need to bathe? Answers to all these questions and more! Enjoy and be sure to share.

Listen Now: