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Still Buffering: How to Tell the Future

An illustration of Teylor Smirl, Rileigh Smirl, and Sydnee Mcelroy. Sydnee is wearing a doctor’s coat and holding a giant Tardigrade. Encircling them is the name of the show, Still Buffering, with ovals between the letters. Beneath them its says “I am a teenager... and I was too.”

In celebration of our favorite Mother Collective’s birthday, the sisters have decided to tackle a topic both themselves and their mom are very interested in, telling the future (ooooh.) From zodiac signs to cootie catchers, the sisters cover it all, including a very lengthy discussion about Barbie MASH and owning a pet chameleon. So Happy Birthday to Mother Collective, and happy fortune telling and spell casting to all of you!

Music: “Baby You Change Your Mind” by Nouvellas

Listen Now: