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Shmanners: Baseball

An illustration of Travis and Teresa Mcelroy with a mint green baroque wallpaper background and an ornate gold frame. Travis is wearing a brown suit and bowing to Teresa. Teresa is wearing a red dress with three red flowers in her hair and curtsying to Travis. Travis has a speech bubble above him that says “Shmanners” and Teresa has a speech bubble below her that says “Extraordinary etiquette for ordinary occasions”.

Batter up! It’s time to learn a little about America’s national past time! Baseball is a fascinating and nuanced sport with some very specific fan etiquette! Learn a little about the history! What does one wear to a baseball game? What do you do if it rains? When is it appropriate to cheer and jeer? How drunk is OK at a baseball game? What are the basic rules of baseball anyway? And what’s the difference between a No-Hitter and a Perfect Game? Also, learn how to not go to a baseball game! Enjoy!

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Transcript available here