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Shmanners: Table Manners

An illustration of Travis and Teresa Mcelroy with a mint green baroque wallpaper background and an ornate gold frame. Travis is wearing a brown suit and bowing to Teresa. Teresa is wearing a red dress with three red flowers in her hair and curtsying to Travis. Travis has a speech bubble above him that says “Shmanners” and Teresa has a speech bubble below her that says “Extraordinary etiquette for ordinary occasions”.

Ah, table manners! What a mystery! Sure, we’re all taught not to chew with our mouths full and stuff like that, but what is with all the forks? Who is supposed to talk to whom? How do we pass the dishes? When do we start eating? As host, what are my responsibilities? Is there a right way to get a waiter’s attention? Perhaps most important: ELBOWS ON THE TABLE?! All this along with the history of table manners, place setting basics and how table manners might just make you healthier! If you enjoy the episode, be sure to pass it on!

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Transcript available here